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"If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world."

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Owner and translator with Sprachservice Sickor

> The traveling IT translator <

Do you dream of making your product or service a worldwide hit?

Let me help you with that!

Reliable. Responsive. On-time.


Offered services

  • translations

  • localizations

  • proofreading/editing

  • subtitles

  • interpreting/other language services

in language pairs

  • English -> German

  • Polish -> German

  • Spanish -> German

  • English -> Polish

  • German -> Polish

  • Spanish -> Polish

Contact Sprachservice Sickor if you

prefer streamlined cooperation

wish more popularity and more sales

want to get your individual vision implemented

One contact partner,

direct communication,

quick issue resolving


project execution

Poor quality translations  can damage your reputation and hurt your company.

With my help you can only rise up!

The unique character of your products is your main pride and at the same time a challange?

Discover some customized solutions!

Your expert in the fields of:

- IT
software-localizations, spec sheets, manuals, product related websites, product catalogues, articles, press releases, press kits, other marketing materials and many more

- games localizations
video games, educational games, board games, card games etc.

- tourism
travel guides, tourism websites, brochures, flyers, catalogues, press releases, information bulletins, terms and conditions etc.

- linguistics

- literature

- other texts upon request

My philosophy

      My philosophy of user friendly translations assumes that my clients want to offer their clients high quality products and services, while the success of their business strongly relies on user oriented solutions. No matter if it is a video game, business software, sales website, tourism information material, technical manual, a guidebook or any other kind of document.

      User friendly represents for me not only perfect embedding in the target culture, with all its specifics, but also a creative and rational approach to the user experience with a product or a service. I put myself in their shoes and create texts that are helpful for the reader – understandable, accurate and convincing. The formal aspects and characteristics of the texts from the field in question, as well as special wishes of my clients, constitute the basis for my creative work.

What's in the package?


Fast and free consult via e-mail or phone to answer all your questions


No stress, your individual requests and specification will be met


An individual, free of charge quote for each order

Full service

From a vision to a final product in no time 


Translated texts sound natural and convincing in the target language


You receive your texts always on time through your chosen channel

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