"If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world."

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Services in language pairs:

  • English -> German

  • Polish -> German

  • Spanish -> German

  • English -> Polish

  • German -> Polish

  • Spanish -> Polish


Offered services

  • translations

  • localizations

  • interpreting/other language services

  • proofreading

  • subtitles


Your translation bureau for:

- IT-specific texts

software-localizations, spec sheets, manuals, product related websites, articles, press releases, press kits and other marketing materials

- games localizations

strategy, simulation, RPG, adventure, action, puzzle, party, logic, educational, board games, card games

- touristic texts

travel guides, tourism websites, brochures, flyers, catalogues, press releases, information bulletins, terms and conditions etc.

- linguistic texts

- literature

thrillers, mystery, detective novels, fantasy and sci-fi, romance novels, religious books, guidebooks, cookbooks, non-fiction

- other generel texts on request

My philosophy

My philosophy of user friendly translations assumes that my clients want to offer their clients the best products possible and their success depends for the most part on the most user oriented solutions. It does not matter if it is a video game, business software, sales website, tourism information material, technical manual, a guidebook or any other kind of document.

User friendly means for me not only perfect embedding in the target culture, with all its specifics, but also a creative and rational approach to the user experience with a product. I put myself in their shoes and create a text, which would satisfy me as a user, reader and/or customer, instead of interfering with my use of product – understandable, accurate and convincing. The formal aspects and characteristics of the texts from the field in question as well as special wishes of my clients constitute the basis for my creative work.

Your advantages with Sprachservice Sickor

Fast and free consult via e-mail or phone

An individual, free quote for each order

No minimum order value - only the actual workload is being charged for

Small orders and short texts are welcome as well

You receive your ordered texts always on time

Budget planning is simple thanks to transparent rates

Translated texts sound natural and convincing

No stress, your wishes will be fulfilled

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